The Pennyboard

It was never my intention. I had thought about it before, but I totally didn't see it coming. It happened a few weeks ago now, when I was walking around the city center of Bordeaux with my friend Sandra when we found out that a new store had just opened its doors; so we went inside to explore.

There it was. The pennyboard. Laying in a stack of hundreds of other pennyboards. For those who don't know what a pennyboard is; it is a small board, low to the ground, four wheels, in this case four wheels that ray a blue red-ish lights when they roll. At first when I saw the board, I was not sold. I had never owned a pennyboard before, and the only one time before I had actually stood on one I was continuously scared to fall.

But it was twelve euros. Twelve euros for a pennyboard. It was an opening stunt. Last week, when a friend came over we skated around a little and he was keen on buying one himself; but even on Chinese webshops pennyboards are still at least twenty-five euros. I did not know that back then, but being able to discover an entire new world for twelve euros, amazing. Still I was in doubt. Spending money is just not my thing; it hurts, even though it does not directly affect; even if I can easily afford it.

So right now I'm the happy owner of a pennyboard. Two and a half months in and I still haven't fallen; that still scares me though. I heard that when you have a skateboard, it's not a matter of whether you will fall, but more a matter of when you will fall. This will not discourage me though; it's amazing, and it's still worth every euro I spent on it. Sometimes, buying things impulsively can be the greatest thing to do.

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The art of building a website

They seem so simple, but in fact they are so much more. Websites are something you encounter on a daily basis, but you never really realize the work that goes behind one. It's an organic, living being. If you change one thing, there is always the danger that everything else will shift as well.

But I succeeded; I built this website from scratch in notepad, and here it is. Up and running, working as a beast (except for when the webhost decides to stop working). From the outside this website looks just like any other website; maybe it looks a bit plainer, simpler, but in fact, the homepage only hides the tens of pages that make everything work.

Without you realizing it, there is even a log-in system, an admin system, and a framework that makes it easier to post items to this webpage; so I won't have to add every single post to the root file. Especially this last part was tricky. For comparison: the outlook and the main framework of the website took me about three hours to write and balance, but then the log-in system, the database and the framework for managing the posts took me about 10 hours. That is a total of 13 hours. Would you have guessed that this website took me 13 hours to build?

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The Memories

In life, there are so many things to do, to consider and to remember. At some point in time, the memories will start to fade. How much you fight this, there is nothing to do about it. It's true; you simply cannot remember everything. That's the major reason why I start this diary; as an adventure book that I will be cherish for the rest of my life.

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