Never expected, but happily done

Lars Koopman - Never expected, but happily done

In life there are some things you just don't expect to happen. As I've said before, I used to be on this website called tumblr, on this magical website I've stumbled upon a few people with who I'm still in touch. One of these people is Joe. Joe lives in Oregon, far away from everything and everyone I know. I think I can surely say that both of us never expected that we would ever be able to see eachother in person, at least not any time soon.

But then this opportunity arose. A roadtrip across the south west United States, starting in San Francisco. The first thing I did after everything was booked was notifiying Joe about coming at least somewhat closer, even though San Francisco is still hundreds of kilometers away from Ashland.

And then. I still cannot believe it, he said that he'd be going on vacation in San Francisco in the exact same period as I'd be there. Meeting new people is an incredible experience; there is so much to learn from every other person. But I honestly have to say that there is one better thing; meeting people you know already. People who've you've talked to, skyped with through the internet, but never seen in person. It's like adding a fourth dimension to reality. The image you've had of this person starts to change, and in the end it's fantastic.

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