Elizabeth Center

The Elizabeth Center is a complex set-up by the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo to provide education opportunities in Kolila village, Tanzania. This research project for the University of Groningen and Newcastle University investigated the impact of the center on the local community.

Research in Africa

The research has been conducted to develop insight into the perception of the local community in Kolila village regarding the efforts made by the Elizabeth Center to help the local community. Beside drafting an overview of this perception, this research allowed respondents to offer their opinions on how the Elizabeth Center could improve their contribution. Prevailing themes, such as; job opportunities and healthcare concerns have been identified and addressed throughout the report to provide recommendations for the Elizabeth Center. The main research question in the research was stated as follows: How can the Elizabeth Center improve their contribution to the local community?

Besides conducting the research, the Elizabeth Center provided the opportunity to teach the children English and computer class. Nothing is more inspiring than the motivation by the kids at the school to learn new things; I've taught about things ranging from dikes to building websites in HTML.