This is the personal website. You are looking at it right now. This was a challenge for myself to see whether I would still be able to build a website from scratch. Everything you see here has been carefully placed, adjusted and readjusted by me using only notepad.

This website started more out of frustration than of anything else. I was staring at a piece of paper, wondering how on earth that would be able to represent me, while at the same time awaking interest in an unknown reader. Yes, I was putting together my CV.

It seems so simple, but in fact it is so much more. A website is something you encounter daily, but you never realize the effort it requires, because in fact, it's an organic, living being. It’s never finished, and if you change one thing, there is always the danger that everything else will shift as well.

But I succeeded; I built this website from scratch in notepad, and here it is. Up and running, working like beast (except for when the webhost decides to stop working). From the outside this website looks just like any other website; maybe it looks a bit plainer, simpler, but in fact, the homepage only hides the dozens of pages that make everything work.

Without you realizing it, there is even a log-in system, an admin system, and a framework that makes it easier to post items to this webpage; so I won't have to add every single post to the root file. Especially this last part was tricky. For comparison: the outlook and the main framework of the website took me about three hours to write and balance, but then the log-in system, the database and the framework for managing the posts took me about 10 hours. That is a total of 13 hours. Would you have guessed that this website took me 13 hours to build?