These are the recipes of wines I've made or still want to make. I generally like to make more special wines; these are more surprising than just the average grape wine, which also is really hard to make since it has to be particularly good since everybody knows the taste of it.

Tea Wine

Ingredients (for 5 Liters)

- Tea for two tea pots, preferably a spiced tea
- 4.5 Liters of water at 100 C
- 750 grams of sugar; you can go up to 1250 grams depending how sweet you want the wine
- 2 Teaspoons of citron acid
- Yeast + Nutrition


Make tea like you usually would; cook the water and pour it over the tea. Add the sugar while it's still hot. The sugar melanges better in hot water; stir well to make sure that no sugar stays on the bottom. Wait then until the tea has cooled down. Pour the liquid into the fermentation bottle, add the acid, the yeast and its nutrition. Then, fill the bottle with cold water until the bottleneck with cold water. Close the bottle with the waterlock. After 10-15 days the fermentation should be finished, hereafter the wine can be filtered for the first time. Then, let it set some more until all the fermentation has stopped. Hereafter, the wine can be bottled.